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I’ve had quite a few comments and emails asking about patterns for the Spiral Scarf. I’ve knitted this scarf before and I’m using a generic pattern where you work out for yourself how many stitches you want and then calculate the rest from there. However, for those of you who would like a pattern here are some links. The first ones are commercial patterns for sale – albeit only  $4.65 and the others are freebies. The list contains both knitted and crocheted scarf patterns.

Spiral Scarf Patterns for sale:

Knitted spiral scarf

Crocheted Spiral Scarf

Susi Swirls Scarf

Free Spiral Scarf Patterns

The Bebop Party Corkscrew Pattern

The Eros and Athena Scarf

The Whirlygig Scarf

How to knit a spiral scarf

Hannah’s Crocheted Cotton Chenille Spring Ruffle Scarf

The Crocheted Flirty Corkscrew Scarf

Washington Post Spiral Scarf Pattern

Interestingly some patterns have a few stitches and knit lots and lots of rows and some patterns have lots of stitches and knit just a few rows. I can’t speak crochet so I don’t get how those pattern work, sorry.

Anyway have fun with these.