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I often take my mobile phone with me when I walk and it comes in handy to take the odd photo. I was struck by the “before” and “after” heat-wave photos I had taken. I thought you might be interested to see them.

Here are some taken about a week or so ago. So far we’ve had a lot of rain this summer and you can see how green everything is.

Compare these with the ones I took yesterday on my walk. After a weekof heat-wave and temps in the high 30s and early 40s Centigrade we have a plague of these “icky” caterpillars (these images are not all from the same tree), piles of dead leaves, some trees almost bare and other already turning brown.

And in the meantime our friends in the USA are all suffering with snowstorms. And our compatriots in Queensland are suffering from floods and cyclones; those in Victoria are suffering floods and those in Western Australia are threatened by bushfires.

I hope you and all your loved ones are safe.