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A friend who recently returned from New York gave me this little fellow as a present for looking after her cat.

He appears to be antique and I’m curious to find out more about him.

I wondered if anyone of you knows anything about these sort of needle and thread cases. I’m sure there must be many collectors out there.

At first I thought he was a Pierrot. This seemed likely since he has MONTREAL written across his chest and that is in Quebec – the French speaking province in Canada.

However on closer inspection he appears to be carrying a large knife and looks quite menacing so I’m wondering if any of you has ever seen one like it and knows the story behind it?

The bottom unscrews and contains some miniature spools of thread and the bottom of that container comes off to reveal needle storage.

He’s obviously been used and well-loved as the paint has worn away from the lower part of him. I’d love to know more about his story. I’ve tried Googling but to no avail so if you know anything please leave me a comment.