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You may remember these:

More ugly hexiesI was using paper-pieced diamonds to make hexagons which I was going to make into a tumbling blocks quilt. However the colours just didn’t do it for me so I abandoned it. Then one day I had a bright idea and made a couple of pincushions from the hexagons. One I use and the other I had as a give-away prize on the blog.

Well, the other day I wanted to use paper-pieced diamonds to make a prayer quilt but when I counted them out I only had 26. The other 24 were in  the unused hexagons. So in the interest of recycling combined with cutting down the UFO list (although mine is really teeny 🙂 more WIPs than UFOs really ) I decided to make pincushions from the rest of them and liberate the paper diamonds at the same time. So here they are:

I’m putting them up for sale and and you can see full pictures and details of them here. They’re completely hand-stitched.

By popular request… Mr Tiggy!

I’ve been asked a few times how Mr Tiggy is and if I could show some more pictures of him. Here is, last night, relaxing as only he knows how. See how curly he is underneath?