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A while back I tried hand-piecing using freezer paper templates without a great deal of success. I figured I must be doing something wrong. My lovely friend Sylvia sent me instructions and two special rulers to assist. However I need to see before I can really get it. I’ve found a wonderful site called Hand Piecing with Crispy (a very welcome visitor of this blog). It really is an excellent resource and it inspired me to give the freezer paper method another go.

I followed most of her instructions. The one I neglected let me down of course!

I decided that I wanted to do my klosjes using this method but the pdf I have only has one template so I copied and pasted it into Word and reproduced several on the page. I printed them onto freezer paper. (A little messy. My printer doesn’t like it too much). Then totally forgetting about “make sure the block measures to the “finished” size” I forged ahead. Consequently I now have one 5″ klosje and pieces to make several more!

[Crispy if you’re reading this you can see I also need help with my pressing. I tried to to do it your way i.e. not using the side of the iron but I ended up with pleats] I also need assistance with finding the best way to press the seams on this block. If any of you has any suggestions I’d love to hear them. The small ones I pressed so there was a flat square in the middle. This one I pressed so there was a rectangle in the middle. What do all you other klosje makers do?