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We’ve all heard these words. Well the other day I could hear a very urgent bird call outside and it turns out it’s the avian equivalent of Muuuum I’m hungryyyy.

It was a horrible rasping sound guaranteed to get your attention. Unfortunately it also grabs the attention of my parrot who imitates it.

I’ve heard it many times but this time I saw the culprit – a Pied Currawong. Take a look. I’m sorry the last photos aren’t clear but my windows need washing after all the rain and then the wind and, do I need to ask, who’s got time to wash windows when there’s sewing to be done?

Open wide

Say the magic word. Please!

Looking for the Queensland Flood Appeal auction?

You can find the auctions here and here. The tally for the auctions as of Tuesday was a massive $45000! Keep up the good work and thank you for your generosity.