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Yesterday I added some strips to my chosen backing. This had the dual purpose of tying it in with the front of the  quilt and making it wide enough.

Then I got out the trusty Pinmoors and pin-basted the quilt.

Now I have to decide how to quilt it. By hand? By machine? In straight lines or {gulp} free-motion? If I decide on free-motion then I need to get some practice as I haven’t tried since the class I took. Wish me luck!

The Queensland floods

The people of Queensland are once again facing the tragedy of floods. I remember the 1974 floods and how they devastated communities. These floods are apparently likely to be even worse. There are several blogs that are taking part in auctions in support of the Flood Appeal. I’m not sure of the process or legal requirements for holding an auction so I’m holding off for now. Once I’ve got more information and decide on a response I’ll let you know. In the meantime please send your prayers for those affected. Thank you.