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Recently I’ve received three books in the post.

Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston

Hawaiian Appliqué by Vicky Fleming

and Hawaiian Quilting by Elizabeth Root.

I bought Liberated Quiltmaking after I joined the Liberated Quilters Yahoo Group. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I especially liked the chapter titled The NON-RULES of Design. As someone who often designs as she goes I totally related to the NON-RULE, “Design as you go”, which states “Start with a little idea and see where it takes you. …don’t choose all the colours, don’t precut the entire quilt, don’t worry about running out of fabric, don’t worry about what size the quilt is going to be or how you are going to quilt it… To summarize. Don’t commit too soon.” (Someone please pass the smelling salts to my friend Doris! lol)

Gwen’s book is a fun, light-hearted book with a serious message. “Don’t take yourself, and quilting, too seriously! And enjoy it!”

I bought the two Hawaiian Quilt books after listening to Jennifer Chiaverini’s book the Aloha Quilt.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the description of the spiritual underpinnings of Hawaiian quilts was fascinating and I wanted to know more. I was especially interested as I love appliqué and these quilts have very intricate appliqué. I’m hoping to give it a go in the near future.

You can buy all these books from The Book Depository (like I did) and get free postage. You may find them cheaper at Amazon but don’t forget to factor in the postage. In the interests of full disclosure all the book links on this page are affiliate link which means I’ll get a small commission if you buy but it adds no cost to the price you pay for the book.