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I don’t know if you’ve seen the English TV series “One Foot in the Grave”? The main character – a grumpy old man called Victor Meldrew has a catch phrase, here he is in action.

How is that relevant? Well we’ve definitely had some fun picking numbers to win this wonderful book, Square-agonals – a new angle on Quilting, but out of 171 guesses for a number from 5 to 125 nobody has picked the correct number and in those immortal words – “I do not believe it!” Anyway one lucky lady came within one of the number. The number I had chosen is shown here:

108 – apparently the most unloved number between 5 and 125. However Sue commented “cool looking book. My number is 107”. So in the absence of an outright winner she is the closest and Sue you just won Sandi Blackwell’s Square-agonals! Congratulations!