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It’s not a quilt question but it is important. When did you last have your Vitamin D levels checked?

I live in Sydney, Australia where we get more sunshine than most places so you’d think we’d all be fine. However at a recent “sit and sew” I heard four of the women around the table say that they had low levels of Vitamin D. I was surprised but I didn’t think any more about it. Then another friend told me she had a recent blood test and had found that she too had low Vitamin D. As I was planing to have my cholesterol etc. tested soon, I decided to ask for some other tests to be done at the same time, including Vitamin D.

I was astonished to find that according to this test I am “severely vitamin D deficient”! The result was so low the lab ran the tests twice to make sure they had it right. I had no idea. So I’m asking you “Do you know what your vitamin D levels are?”. And if not then “When’s your D-day?” – the day when you go to get tested? Do go and find out if you haven’t been tested recently.

Usually we get most of our vitamin D from the effect of sun on our skin but it appears that due to worries about melanoma we all get less sun and wear more sunscreen and our diets are also not providing us with all that we need.

I hope you didn’t mind my asking and I hope that you’ll pass on the message on the email lists you belong to as it’s especially important for good bone health. But that’s not all. Apparently lack of vitamin D can cause mood swings, depression, fatigue, sleep disorders and a host of other things too. Don’t put it off. Make one day next week your D-day and let me know how you go.

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