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I have EQ6 (Electric Quilt). I don’t use it much. I prefer a more organic, hands-on approach to creativity but it has its uses.

Anyway because I’m subscribed to the EQ Newsletter I hear about their sales. A while back I bought two instruction books – one on appliqué design in EQ and one for pieced design in EQ – for 50% off.

Recently I received an email offering more “bargains” so I hiked over to their site and saw that they had Old Quilter’s Newsletter magazines in digital format. I don’t think we’ve ever had these here in Australia though I think you used to be able to order them from the States. What I do remember is that whenever they have been for sale on “Sales tables” at quilt shows they’ve been snapped up really quickly.

So, based on this, I decided to buy the CD they were offering – The Best of Quilter’s Newsletter 2007. It came the other day and I had a play with it. In addition to all the quilts which are lovely to look at there are heaps of really useful articles.

There’s a 13 part series on “Taking the Math Out” which includes just about every yardage chart you will ever need for everything from lone star quilts to hexagons, backings, borders and more.

It includes articles on two colour binding, raw-edged appliqué, feathered stars, family history quilts, colour ideas from Kaffe Fassett, Roberta Horton and Liza Prior Lucy and the list goes on…

Stand alone software

The best thing about this CD – apart from it’s tiny price tag of $14.97 (plus postage) is that it’s stand alone software. While it is compatible with EQ6 and EQ7 you don’t need EQ at all to play with this. In fact if you’re wondering whether EQ is for you this might give you an idea as you can resize, recolour and redesign starting from any of the 31 included quilts.

I have no affiliations with EQ other than that I own EQ6 which I bought for myself. I just think this is a great deal.

It has so much information and you can design and play and read and print out templates, foundation patterns, yardage estimates, rotary cutting charts and more.

You can read more about it here. There’s also a demo video you can watch here. Have fun!

P.S. While you’re there why not check the other 50% off items they have on sale. You can see them here. (Again no affils, no brown paper bags, just a happy customer)