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I’ve been on a self-imposed fabric fast. Not that I have rooms full of the stuff. After all I’ve only been quilting for 2 years so how much can a girl accumulate in two years? I just felt I needed to use some of what I had before I started buying more. I have been sorely tempted recently but have held out.

However, yesterday we went to visit a family member in ICU in Ryde in Sydney. It just so happens that this is not far from a Quilt Shop I have never visited called Material Obsession. DH suggested he would drive me there after the visit. So while he sat in the car reading the Saturday newspaper I went inside. What a lovely shop! I have to say it is one of the cutest, most vibrant quilt shops I have ever visited.

I found a few goodies there. First off they stocked the batting that is now my official favourite – Freudenberg’s Quilt-Lite. It is 100% cotton and is woven and is very, very light. I used it in my Andalusian Tile quilt. It seems to be quite hard to find so when I heard they had stock I bought 2 metres. (not cheap $21 per metre)

This was offset however by some fabrics that were on sale and that were just too lovely and too good a bargain to pass up. (You know that feeling. :)) I bought three fat quarters for only $2.50 each and some other larger pieces of fabric for between $10 and $15 per metre. Take a look.

My favourites are the second one with the three designs on the one piece of fabric and the lovely aqua oval spots. Closely followed by that Japanese one on the bottom.

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