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Klosjes, klosjes everywhere… As far as the eye can see. AKA spool blocks or bow-tie blocks

I’ve been making klosjes for a whole week now. We went to a wedding on the weekend and got there on time but the other guests didn’t arrive until two hours later so I sat and made klosjes while I waited. They’re extremely portable. I did some at the hairdresser’s on Tuesday too.

They’re very satisfying to make. I’m not sure why. I usually get bored making the same thing over and over again. It’s not because of all the different fabrics because if that were the case then I’d be happy sewing hexies, which I’m not. I think maybe it’s because it’s an interesting shape to sew with all those “Y” seams. So far I’ve made 53! What do you think?

The give-away

Now for the fun bit. If you can correctly guess the number of klosjes I’ve made by the end of Sunday (my time) then you can win these two fat quarters (actually the geometric one is 1/4 metre WOF). You already know I have 53 and that it took me a week to make that many. I hope to be sewing today and tomorrow and perhaps a little on the weekend. So what do you reckon? Leave me a comment with your guess and I’ll check them on Monday morning (my time) and post the winner.