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Have you seen the klosjes around the blogosphere? Do you know what they are? They’re small spool blocks (that’s what the Dutch word klosje means). I’ve seen them on many, many blogs including Janet’s of Quiltsalott. I downloaded a pdf pattern from the web but now I can’t find the blog I got it from so I can’t share it with you. I suspect it was Blissfully Stitching but Google Chrome has a had a hissy fit and says it will harm my computer so I can’t go and check it out.

Anyway here they are. Most of the one’s I’ve seen on the web are in vintage fabrics and muted colours. I’m using my Kaffe scraps for mine.

Just a quick update re the pattern. My printer (I suspect) didn’t print it out correctly so it’s not the 3.5″ square it’s supposed to be. It seems to be 3.25″. Anyway I’m not changing it now. I’ll go with what I’ve got.