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Back with part 2 of my interview with Linda Franz.

Q. Linda for those of us who have never tried Inklingo I notice you have some free shapes to download. Do we need the special software to use those shapes?
A. Good news! No special software. One of my objectives in developing Inklingo was to make sure it would work with any ordinary Inkjet printer and ordinary quilting tools and supplies. Beginners don’t need to make a big investment. In fact, new quilters can postpone the purchase of a rotary cutter and mat, if necessary, and use scissors. You could print diamonds, triangles, and squares in the next few minutes!
Inklingo shapes are big PDFs (hundreds of pages) which open with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free software which is included on most new computers. If you don’t have it for some reason, it is a free, safe, small download for  either PC or Mac.
Q. Does Inklingo work on dark fabrics?
A. Yes, Inklingo works on most dark fabrics. One of the 20 Inklingo colors will show on the wrong side of most fabrics.
Printing a small test page (see left) will help you decide which page/color to use on any particular fabric.
A black batik might be one of the most difficult fabrics to print, but three of the colors often show well enough, especially if you print with a photo setting. There are smart strategies in the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook (included in the free shape collection!), and on the All about Inklingo blog.

By the way, with some new methods made possible by Inklingo, only some of the fabrics are printed, so you may not need to print the dark fabrics at all. Flying Geese, Sawtooth Squares, and Hourglass are all good examples.

Q. How can I get started?
A. Using Inklingo is simple. There is a Quick Start Guide under the Support tab. If you are familiar enough with your computer to find an email and print it, you will be able to find the page of shapes you want in an Inklingo PDF and print it on fabric.
I am so convinced that quilters will find it simple—and will want more shapes—that I made a FREE shape collection with Diamonds, Triangles, and Squares. All of your readers are welcome to order and download the free shape collection, and I hope they will. They will not receive spam and email addresses are never shared.

Great! Thanks Linda. I’d better go and start washing some fabric so I can try it. By the way, Linda has said she is happy to answer any of your questions. You can email her at linda @ lindafranz dot com. I’d be happy to hear you comments too or you can leave questions for Linda here and I’ll be happy to pass them on.