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Yesterday was a lovely day. My husband had the day off and we headed to Manly to walk along the sea front. The weather was slightly cloudy but warm and pleasant.

I loved the striations on this rock.

After our walk we ate fish and chips for lunch. (What else would you have at seaside?) Then we headed off to Hunter’s Hill. It’s one of my favourite suburbs and though I’ll never be in the income bracket that will allow me to live there I can still look. It’s a lovely, older, harbour-side suburb with beautiful Jacaranda trees on just about very street. Take a look.

Then we went to Lakemba for an early dinner at El-Manara. This is a cafe style Lebanese restaurant with the BEST Lebanese food. After a healthy meal of Shish Tawook, Baba Ganoush, Tabouli, Lebanese bread and salad we made our way home.

Mr Tiggy was very happy to see us and, as you can see, decided to help me appliqué my Splash of Colour quilt by placing a guiding paw on my hand.

What a lovely day…