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I really don’t like wrapping paper. First because all the nice ones are so expensive and second because 30 seconds after the person has received the gift, the paper is ripped to shreds and in the bin.

So in the interests of saving money, saving closet space, saving trees and saving the planet here are a couple of small gift bags I made from my scrap bag.

The larger one can hold a tube of hand cream or a some thread, a box of pins, some needles and a seam ripper. The smaller one can hold earrings, or an emergency sewing kit with small scissors etc. The scraps I used here are the off-cuts from my It’s a Hoot baby quilt.

Small is beautiful but big is better

In the recycled gift bag world anyway. We’ve all got scrap bags and no doubt we will all have to wrap gifts at sometime or another. The gift bag you make doesn’t have to be small it can be as big as the gift you are giving. Just sew all your scraps together until you have a piece of fabric the right size and then make a fabric envelope. Even if you don’t want to make a bag why not just sew the scraps together to make a large piece of fabric and wrap the gift with it and tie it with string or ribbon. It will look wonderful, it will encourage the recipient to recycle it when they give a gift and you’ll have done your bit for scrap-busting and saving the planet!

If you’ve made any recycled gift wrappers please leave a link in your comment so we can all take a look.