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It’s a Hoot Baby Quilt

I don’t know if you recall but I bought a jelly roll of MoMo’s It’s a Hoot. Well I finally cut into it to make a baby floor quilt. The whole process has been very organic. I did have a plan but the project just seemed to evolve as I progressed through it. I started by ironing the crease out of the strips and surveying what was there. As you can see it’s a pretty wide range.

My initial plan was to make some 6.5″ squares by sewing three strips together, then sewing a couple of borders on in a sort of wonky fashion. To this end I sewed all my squares.

Then while I was thinking- I decided to play with the off-cuts of the squares and I sewed them together to make rectangles. I liked the way the fabrics came together in these strips so then I changed my plan and instead of adding borders I added another strip in between each square and made some long strips. I rotated the squares so they don’t just look like repeats. Here are some that I have finished.

I’m not sure whether to to gave light grey or white strips in between, I haven’t decied yet. Any suggestions?