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A new quilt

I’ve started a new quilt. It’s in the same tiled pattern as the Andalusian tile quilt but it will be smaller. I’m making another prayer quilt. The recipient of this one likes muted colours, taupes, creams, browns and deep reds. Well I don’t have the deep reds in this but it will be muted. I’m using my lovely Laura Gunn Mosaic Tile fabrics.

I’m also photographing the construction and making notes so that I can either produce an ePattern or teach an online class in this quilt. Here’s what I’ve done so  far.

The cloak of invisibility

Now you may think this is a joke but I kid you not. This is a very serious scientific research project and you can see the results here. It’s quite impressive really (not to mention spooky) but my question is why did they go to all that trouble? Why didn’t  they just come and ask those of us who are WOFs (Women Over Fifty for the uninitiated)? We are experts at invisibility. Ask any WOF and she will tell you she can quiteeasily stand at the front of any queue for hours at a time while those people behind her are served first. Back me up ladies. Is it not an established scientific fact that WOFs are invisible?

A quilting bee

Have you ever wanted to join a quilting bee? Well I did and so I joined this one – Quilting Bee in OZ . The trouble is we’re scratching for members. It was supposed to be an Aussie group but we’ve had to recruit some overseas members to make up the numbers but even then we still don’t have enough. Come you Aussies, come and join us!

A helping paw

Just in case you thought he’d gone into retirement here is Mr Tiggy sitting behind me on my chair and gently but surely manoeuvring himself to try to push me off so he has it all to himself.

However when I look at him he assures me he’s “just there to lend a helping paw”.