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The mug mat craze

The first Friday of every month sees the Chatty Sew-ers meeting at the Camden library. It was decided at the last meeting that for our Seasonal Lunch we would have a Kris Kringle/Lucky dip.

We decided to buy a mug and make a small mug mat to go with it and then they would be put in a pile and it would be a lucky dip as to which one you got.

Here are the mug I bought and the mat I made. It’s the first time I’ve made one so I’m quite pleased with it.

It’s all hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted.  What do you think?

I saw a lovely mug mat on Nova’s blog the other day. She made for it for Ashley at Film in the Fridge. It has bunting sewn on it. It’s very sweet. Feel free to leave me a link to any mug mats you’ve made I’d really like to see them.