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We’ve been on a sugar-free regime at my house for the last couple of months. It’s going really well but sometimes I like a little something sweet. This recipe has NO Sugar and uses Splenda but you can change that for the same amount of sugar if you prefer.


250g self-raising flour

30g butter

1 cup coconut cream

1/2 cup Splenda

1/2 dried dates chopped

2 tbsp full cream milk powder


Cut the butter into the self-raising flour with a round-bladed knife and then rub in with clean hands until it has the consistency of fresh breadcrumbs.

Add the Splenda, chopped dates and milk powder and mix well.

Once all the dried ingredients are thoroughly mixed you can add the coconut cream (make sure it is cream and not milk). Add a little at a time mixing with your round-bladed knife. Once the either the mixture is wet enough for you to bring it together into a ball, or you have used the whole cup of coconut cream, use your hand to gently bring it together into a ball. DO NOT KNEAD – if you do the scones will be tough!

Turn the dough out onto a board where you have scattered desiccated coconut. (You can use a floured board if you like but this gives a nicer texture to the finished scones.)

Cut them into rounds with a cutter – I use a champagne flute – and place on a greased silicone tray.

Cook at 200degC for 8 minutes then turn up to 220degC (and put the fan on if you have one) for another 4 minuets.

The scones should be a light brown and the desiccated coconut should be nicely toasted. This recipes makes 12. Serve warm or cold, split with a little butter. Enjoy!