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Rotary cutting

I’m not very good at rotary cutting. Probably because I’ve never been taught how. Anyway I was lamenting my lack of skills to my friend Sylvia and she recommended a book called Rotary Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. It’s out of print but I managed to hunt one down on the web and it arrived the other day. I started reading it while waiting for the physiotherapist and it looks very interesting indeed and I’m planning to do some of the exercises to see if I can improve my accuracy. Do any of you have any rotary cutting tips for me?

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is still on. Only a day or so to go so do go and have a look. There are some amazing quilts on display. At last count there were 648 quilts entered. My entry is here. Here are a couple of photos of it since I washed it. I love the crinkly texture it has now.

and more…

I’ve been continuing to work on my Splash of Colour Quilt and have nearly finished my second appliqué block. I’ll show you when I’ve  finished some more. It turns out that my lovely subscribers are now getting emails. However for a while they will just be extracts with links as the plug-in I am using doesn’t send HTML emails. Have a lovely weekend…