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My sewing room re-organisation is finished. I managed to get it done by late Friday afternoon. I’m very happy with the result.

Previously I had stored my fabrics according to colour. Well that just didn’t work for me. I mean look at some of those Kaffe fabrics! What colour are they? There are so many colours in each fabric and usually they’re all shouting “look at me. look at me!”.

So I decided  to keep all my Kaffe “group” fabrics together on one shelf, loosely in colour order. Then I put all my solids and colour-on-colour and blenders together, roughly in colour order on another shelf. Then I have my Jinny Beyer’s and two plastic containers on another shelf with florals in one and Japanese and Batiks in the other. I have two more plastic containers on another shelf that holds all my scissors and some project bags. The containers are grouped into neutrals, browns and blacks and novelty fabrics. Then I have a plastic crate with all my flannels, another with WIPs, another with my inspirations and a fourth with empty plastic containers. My books and boxes of freezer paper etc are on shelves and a red container holds batting off-cuts. I guess you can work out where the ironing board gets stored.:)

My fabric bolts are in the wardrobe, together with my whole rolls of batting and crates of other craft things – knitting, painting clothes sewing etc.

My threads are all in containers in another bookcase and my cutting mat and sewing machines are in/on my Horn cabinet.

The only disappointment of this exercise is the fact that while I found the plastic bag and the card explaining its use, I didn’t find my errant Jinny Beyer Perfect Piecing tool. 😦 Oh well you can’t have everything and at least I’ve got a clean and tidy sewing room.