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After rain, sunshine… Yesterday was a fun day and a day I actually accomplished a couple of things. First I fixed my Janome problem. I had been tightening the needle screw as tight as I could by hand. Then I decided to have a go with the screw driver in the tool kit and this did manage to tighten it more than I could manually. After a brief test run it seems to be sewing perfectly again. Aaaah.

Then I went out with a friend who is new to Sydney and we visited the Quiltsmith in Annandale. If you haven’t been you don’t know what you’re missing! They have the most comprehensive range of fabrics I’ve ever seen and quite a large sale section too. They allowed me to take some photos to show you. bear in mind that these photos show only a small portion of the shop and a tiny portion of the sale section.

I bought couple of sale fabrics – one of which was a Kokka and some Moda cottons with scissors on them in  half metres. I also scored a lovely free pattern.

To cap off my day I finally finished re-binding the Arabesque and I’m much happier with the result. Here is a side by side comparison of  the Arabesque Before and Now. Although the latest one was taken at night with a flash and so the colours aren’t as good I think you can see a definite improvement.