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Ever had one of those days where you do a lot and achieve nothing? That was my Monday. I had lots of administration things to do which resulted in vicious circles of “can’t do this until that is done but  can’t do that until this is done”. You know the thing I’m sure.

Add to this, the fact that my new Janome is conspiring against me and you’ll begin to see the sort of day I had. I was trying to sew my secret project using the walking foot which has suddenly decided to vibrate so much that I have to tighten the needle every 2 inches sewn or it loosens so much it falls out! Very scary I can tell you. Not to mention wasteful in needles. However, I managed to finish the secret project which you can see a little peek of below. Hopefully it will be in the post today.

On a lighter note Mr Tiggy is over his “blue patch” and is back to his commanding self. (He’s not really imperious – well not all the time. He can be very cuddly when he wants to be.)