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There is so much chatter about Halloween in the blogosphere at the moment. I’m not a person who does special event quilting/sewing. That involves deadlines which I refuse to accept in my quilting life.

However, I took a photo the other day of Mr Tiggy. He was looking especially curly since he had a bath 2 weeks ago but he was looking very sad because he had been naughty and had been told off. He looked so mournful that I decided to photograph him. There wasn’t enough light so I had to use the flash. I used red-eye reduction but it didn’t work and produced this very scary Cat of the Baskervilles type photo which I though was perfect for Halloween.  What do you think? The other smaller photo (which unfortunately is out of focus) was taken by my US visitor when she was here. It also looks very “other worldly”, don’t you think?