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I’ve experienced such generosity from many quilters who have shared their ideas and their knowledge with me to assist me to design a quilting pattern for my “Which way?” quilt. One quilter in particular is Barb Cowan of The Quilt Connection.

Barb is a very talented professional longarm quilter and she actually called me all the way from Queensland to discuss my quilt. Thanks Barb.

Barb suggested I draw my quilt out without marking the block seams so I could view the white are just as a background for the coloured strips. This was such a great idea and really removed a constraint I had felt while trying to design a quilting pattern for this quilt.

Below are some of the mad designs I’ve come up with. I know that none of these is practical for various reasons – from not enough quilting to too many changes of direction – but I just wanted to let my imagination run wild.

Now I’m going to let these ideas simmer for a while and hopefully when I next come to draw it out I’ll have a design that enhances the pattern and is “do-able” for my meagre machine quilting skills.