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This coming weekend is a long weekend in Australia. I’m hoping to visit the Sydney chapter of the Southern Cross Quilters at their get together on Saturday and then on Sunday I have friend arriving from the US.

My friend is a keen gardener and another quilting friend alerted me to the Leura Garden Festival in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. There are ten gardens on display for an entry fee of $20 per adult. Take a look at a couple of the gardens, they are stunning: Everglades and Braeside.

I doubt I’ll get much sewing done once my friend arrives but I’ll try to keep in touch over the next week and show you photos of some of the “touristy” things there are to do in and around Sydney.

The “which way?” quilting saga

I re-drew a rough plan of my quilt last night. The thing that instantly struck me is that I cannot do vertical lines that go from one block to another because there are patchwork strips that are centred and others that are off-centre and so the lines won’t match up. So I decided to try horizontal lines and then – as some of you suggested – 45 degree lines/M or W quilting.

Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?