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First of all let me thank all of you who either commented with helpful suggestions or sent me emails.

They were all very helpful and actually more or less in agreement. I had a play with pattern last night and you can see that the extension of lines works very nicley.

The only thing I realised once I had coloured in the strips is that when I made this drawing I had laid it out incorrrectly. I had just repeated the top three rows on the bottom three rows.

In fact the quilt isn’t like that as you can see below. So I’ll have to draw it up again and then put in the quilting lines and take another look. I think it might work very nicely.

Another Wabi Sabi book arrived

The postie brought the second of the three books I ordered the other day. This one is called Living Wabi Sabi by Taro Gold. You can get it from The Book Depository for only Aus$10.85 including postage. It’s a lovely book. I just had a quick flick through it before I settle down to enjoy it with a cuppa and this caught my eye.