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The postie came yesterday and today bringing goodies I had ordered. The first was some of the white fabric that Hitomi Kimura uses for her base fabric for screen printing. I ordered this so that I could add white to my quilt that uses her fabrics. She also added a little bit of her screen printed fabric as a gift. Such a lovely surprise and very beautiful Thanks Hitomi.

The second item that came was one the books I ordered recently called Wabi Sabi – The Art of Everyday Life by Diane Durston (Sometimes called The Little Wabi Sabi Companion). I just had a quick flip through it and two pages jumped out at me and I just know I’m really going to enjoy reading this.

More on Second Life

My post yesterday on Quilting in Second Life provoked some very thoughtful and interesting comments. Comments from people who earned their living by working in second life and managed to have better a lifestyle as result because they didn’t have to spend time commuting everyday; others who generously shared their experience of Asperger’s and said they often found it easier to interact on Second Life and also found the creativity of designing quilts for Second Life very therapeutic; and others who pointed out that it was “just another” creative outlet and so was to be fostered. If you have experience with creativity and Second Life I’d really like to hear about it.