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I don’t know about you but I have enough trouble keeping track of what I have to do and finding time to do it AND quilt in this life. However, it seems, some people who have more hours in the day than I do, also live a quilting life in Second Life!

I don’t know a lot about Second Life. I’ve just heard about it on TV. It’s a sort of virtual reality where people lead a “second life” but live it the way they wish it really was. My feeling is that we’re better off to try to make this life better but that’s just my opinion. Anyway as I was reading a blog today I saw a link to quilters in Second Life so I took a peek. Here’s the link to a blog that details the doings of the Second Life Quilters complete with quilt shows, winners and ribbons! I guess if you can’t actually do, you can pretend to do…  Oh my!

Mr Tiggy takes up meditation…

I’ve spoken of Mr Tiggy before. He loves all things soft and quilty.

In fact I’m sure he thinks I make them just for him to lounge around on.

Now he’s taken over my meditation mat for a spot contemplation. A bit much really!

Well, it looks more like sleep to me but he insists it’s not.