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Well I’ve finished them and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. To stuff the mat I used some polyester batting. A while back I was sent some in error and allowed to keep it for my trouble. I took the roll out of the pack and fortuitously the width of the roll was perfect to fit in the mat. I measured twice the length of the mat and then doubled the batting over. It works brilliantly.

It’s much easier to use the stool now with the mat underneath protecting my knees and ankles. The muted, slightly faded colours, fit in with the decor of my meditation room much better than that vibrant purple! The linen is so soft, having been washed hundreds of times, that the mat is really nice to kneel on.

Want to take a look? Here they are:

Here’s another photo showing the detail of the embellishment I did on the seat of the stool.