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Yesterday I bound the Arabesque. Working out the way to use the pattern and how to cut the stripes nearly did my head in. In the interests of the Process Pledge I’ll tell you I made a mistake which I didn’t see until the very end. I thought about undoing the whole thing and starting from scratch but I just can’t, at least at the moment. I had help in the binding process as you can see. Mr Tiggy was just invaluable!

One thing I learned in this process – and when I was sewing the Which way? quilt top – was that I don’t like the 1/4″ foot on the Bernina. It just feeds the two fabrics so differently. I much prefer sewing with the walking foot. Well here it is. In addition to all the other spiritual symbolism I saw in it, it has reminded me of another important maxim – Perfection belongs only to God.