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I detest basting with safety pins. I have bought two different kinds and each one has caused holes in the fabric, split threads and got caught together and with my thread when I’m hand quilting. I really prefer to baste with thread as per Sharon Schamber.

However, I recently saw a very interesting way of basting using ordinary pins and some sort of foam plugs. The system is ingenious and is called Pinmoor. I wanted to try it but they are quite expensive at US$19.95 for 50 plus postage to Australia. I wanted to see if the concept would work for me before I shelled out all that money. (I don’t think 50 will go very far.) A lady called Helen, on a list I subscribe to, suggested using Moroday Gap Filler Rod Draught which is a polystyrene draught excluder and cutting it up. I bought the 5mm diameter one for $2 and cut it up. I concede that these will not last like the Pinmoors and if this system suits me I plan to invest in the real thing. So I sandwiched my Arabesque and used my pins and the draught excluder.

Already I can see the advantage of using the Pinmoors which look more dense than the polystyrene. These ones come off quite easily and I think the denser Pinmoors would adhere a bit more to the pins. [Edit: they must as she says they don’t even come off in the washing machine!] Anyway I’ll let you know how it goes when I start quilting.