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The Andalusian Tile quilt

Now I’ve finished the Arabesque appliqué top I’m doing some hand quilting on my Andalusian Tile quilt. I really want to finish this but there is just so much left to do. I already quilted every piece but then decided I needed more quilting and so I jumped in where angels fear to tread and began adding extra quilting to every single shape! This will triple the amount of quilting I need to do.

I guess I’m about half way through. It’s such a lovely quilt and I’m so happy with it that I really want to devote some time to completing it. This is a bit hard when you blog as you can’t show the same project day after day. My plan is to try to do at least a couple of hours of this quilt and then another project each day so that I can do both.

Arabesque detail and photos

I was asked on one of the email lists to show some photos of the details of the piece so here they are. I’ve also tried to take another photo that is better than yesterday’s. The whole piece actually seems to glow in the “flesh” but that just didn’t come out in my last photo. I hope this one does it more justice.