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On one of the email groups I belong to someone asked this question and several people replied with helpful sites. I thought you might find them interesting too.

Apparently the “Color Marketing Board” sets the trends and publishes colour forecasts which you can access via the web.  According to their press release ” the hot new color for Spring [Northern Hemisphere] of 2010… is Barefootin’!” – whatever that is!!!

According to James Martin, President of CMG, Barefootin’ is the feeling of slipping off your shoes and saying “aaaaah”. Do people really believe this stuff, I ask myself?

Anyway the photo below is included in their press release so I guess this will give you a better idea of what they mean.

Their Press Release states “The need to ease up on stress and strain brought this new “color infused” neutral to the forefront. With its roots in orange, an often highly energized, vivacious color, Barefootin’ has taken a step back to soothe a weary psyche, but without being dull.” and this gem:

“According to CMG, look for these additional color trends in 2010:
Red – Reds are strong with pink intuition; bright and clean with energy and excitement — a clean pop to go with neutrals.
Yellow – A greener, more natural yellow, softened with gray.
Green – Optimistic and uplifting, a clear and bright accent green with a slight shift toward blue.
Blue – A saturated blue with gray influences; rich without being too luxe.
Beige-Brown – A true chameleon to complement darker hues, it can be either matte or metallic.
Neutral-Gray – Gray with a touch of purple, drawing inspiration from mineral, concrete and steel.”

That looks like just about the whole spectrum to me. I guess one of them has to be right but it doesn’t seem like  much of a “prediction”.

If you’re really keen to get these “colour predictions” as they roll off the presses then you can subscribe to Color Marketing’s press releases.

A site I find more interesting with regards to colour is the Pantone site. It has quite a lot of useful information including a “what’s hot page“,  a “fashion and home page“, a “colour advice page” and an entertaining “colorstrology” site that will tell you what your colours are in general for your star sign and in particular for your birthday – a bit of fun.