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Yesterday I decided to try to finish the baby quilt top. And I did, well almost. I pieced two rows, sewed them together and pressed them – with the help of Mr T, of course:

Then I sewed the third third row to the second and …  I ran out of WHITE THREAD! Can you believe it? How can a person run out of white thread? I was just  two inches from the end of the seam. Well I decided I wasn’t going to leave a seam half done so I wound some thread from the bobbin onto the empty spool and continued to the end of the seam. But that is the end of my sewing until I can buy some more thread. So half a baby quilt…

I read in the Quilt Show Newsletter that Alex Anderson says quilters always forget about white but she was talking about white fabrics. Well I have plenty of those, I just don’t have plenty of white thread as you can see.