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French Hatbox Co-op and Fabric give Away

If you’ve ended up on this page looking for the above you can find all the details here. You’ll have to get in quick as it finishes today.

Colour toys…

I love playing with colour. You can find some unusual and wonderful combinations just by playing around with the fabrics in your stash. It never ceases to amaze how putting two colours next to each other changes your perception of them. There are many tools on the web and I’ve collected some here for you to have a play with. They all open in a new window so you can keep reading.

The colour scheme designer: This one is really fun. Pick a spot on the colour wheel and then decide whether you want a complementary, triadic, analogic etc., scheme and watch what happens on the right of the screen. Then you can move the two pale circles closer or further away from your original and watch the colours change again. Then for another variant slide the opposite circle around and all the colours will move with you.  Take a look at this:
Then there’s image palette. This site allows you to upload an image and then it shows you a variety of colour palettes based on the photo.
Here is another site that does a similar thing.

What’s that colour called?

If you ever wondered what colour gamboge is or perhaps corbeau,  then head over to Phrontistery and check out all the amazing names colours have.

How colour savvy are you?

If you want to test out just how colour savvy you are then try this colour hue test. It’s quite difficult but I can give you some tips. To begin with just move all the ones that look more like one end down to that end. Then take each one and ask is it more like one end or the other (e.g. pinker or greener for the first row) than the one next to it and move it accordingly. The idea is that your eye should be able to sweep over the line and not jar anywhere.  It’s something you can train yourself to do. I have done it before and got 0 – which is the best you can get  – but today I got 30. Good luck! I hope you’ll come back and share your scores.