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French Hatbox Co-op and Fabric give Away

If you’ve ended up on this page looking for the above you can find all the details here.

I know it’s silly but…

You know sometimes you make a quilt and you just can’t take your eyes off it? Well I feel like that about my Kaffe for All Seasons quilt. It’s strange because it was such a trial to make what with the unscrimmed polyester batting (what was I thinking of?) and the basting spray (never again!). It went through so many possible incarnations that I almost didn’t finish it.  I’m so glad that I did. Every time I see it folded on a chair or crumpled on the sofa after I’ve been using it I just love looking at it. I even like the back of it! Perhaps I should just get out more?

Even Mr Tiggy has become very fond of it.

Picking colours and fabric

I’ve had some lovely comments from readers about the blog and what they’d like to see. Picking colours and fabrics seem to be topics of interest. I have some great colour resources which I have found on the web and which I’ll try to look out for you and then I’ll post them all. With regards to picking fabrics… I don’t really decide what I want to do and then go and buy fabrics to suit anymore. I did that with my first quilt – buying a key fabric and then choosing others that had some of the same colours in it. I wasn’t that happy with the result. I also did it with my second quilt. The problem was I had worked out what I wanted in my head and then couldn’t find it in the shop and had to make do with second best.

How I pick fabrics now

I just buy fabrics I like when I see them. I don’t have to have a plan in mind or any other fabrics that will go with them. Then I make sure that I reacquaint myself with my stash on a regular basis. Then a particular fabric may catch my eye and suggest a project or I may have a project in mind and just shop my stash. Occasionally I may have a project I want to do and have no particular colour scheme in mind and then I might be in a shop or online, or at a quilt show and I will see some fabric that will just say “Pick me for that project” and then I’ll buy it. Everyone works differently and I don’t think there is a right or wrong way – as with much in the world of creativity there is just what works for you. You have to find your own method and exploit it to the fullest.

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