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Since posting the Southern Gentleman block I have had lots of enquiries about what it is and how to do it. To go into detail would necessitate a tutorial which would require quite a bit of prep work. I might do one when my visitors leave but for now here is a quick explanation of what it is and how to do it.

What it is

Back-basting is a method of transferring an applique pattern to the background fabric.

How to do it

You draw the design, or trace it using a light box or window, onto the wrong side of the background fabric. Then you take a piece of the fabric you are appliquéing and pin it on top of the right side of the background fabric. Using the design you have drawn on the back you baste along the lines using a basting thread (you can use any slightly thicker thread but YLI make a very nice and cheap white basting thread) and a thickish needle. Then you trim the top fabric within 1/4″ . To sew, you snip a couple of the basting stitches and turn the 1/4″ under and stitch using invisible stitches. Then you remove the basting stitches one at a time as you needle-turn the rest of the shape.  You will be able to see where to turn the upper fabric because the holes of the basting stitches will be visible and you can see where to stitch to the background fabric for the same reason.

This is very difficult to understand without pictures so I’ll see what I can come up with in the next week or two, God Willing.

Pat Bravo and Art Gallery fabrics – where to buy in Australia

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful give-away where Pat Bravo kindly offered a fat quarter bundle to one of my readers. Everyone who visited her site really adored her fabric designs and I had many enquiries as to where we can get these fabrics in Australia. Well Pat has sent me a list of places you can buy Art Gallery fabrics here. Click here to download the list.

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