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Draught stopper finished

Tessellated draught stopper

Tessellated draught stopper

After a lot of work and sore hands – I never realised how much stress English Paper Piecing places on your hands – the tessellated draught stopper is finished. This one is for the front door and so is bigger and fatter than the one I am planning for the door that leads to the garage.

I stuffed it full of off-cuts of batting – a variety of wool and silk, 100% polyester, cotton and polyester ,and bamboo. I always knew that I would find a use for them.

If I decide to make another tessellated one for the door to the garage, which is slightly narrower and inset rather than flush with its surrounds, I think I would only use 3 pieces around instead of 4 and I would make it 3 or 4 pieces shorter.

Anyway here is the finished product:

Draught stopper in use

Draught stopper in use

3 blog milestones

Today is 3 months to the day since I started this blog; yesterday was my 100th post; and today the visitor count just clicked over 15,000! Thank you all for visiting and for leaving your comments. I do read them all and often reply to them if they need it. Please let me know if there is anything you would particularly like to see on the blog and I’ll see what I can do.

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