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The trials of a novice machinist

Monday I was doing some sewing on my new machine. Something I haven’t done for about 2 weeks. I began to sew some 2.5″ squares for a rotary cutting and sewing accuracy test. The test went well but the stitches were less than perfect. Let’s be frank, they were awful! I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong. I mean, I knew the problem lay with me and not the machine because it was fine two weeks ago.

So I got out the manual and diagnosed the problem as being too much tension on the needle thread so I loosened it.  No joy! So I loosened it some more. Still no joy! Time to call the dealer to find out what I was doing wrong.

Too much needle tension

Too much needle tension

Sewrite to the rescue

So I called Sewrite and once again they were very helpful, telling me to try changing the needle, and to unscrew the plate and clean out the feed dogs, bobbin and trace and try again. Still no joy! Oh well nothing for it but the 76km round trip to Seven Hills to see what I was doing wrong. So on Tuesday off I went to Seven Hills with my Janome 3160 QDC all packed up nicely. I walked in, set it up and Rose came to have a look. She opened the bobbin case and said “There’s no tension on the bobbin thread because your bobbin’s in upside down!”.  She turned it round and all was once again sweetness and light. Aaaah! Fixed in 30 seconds! Sigh. And really the manual was right as there was NO tension on the bobbin thread of course the needle thread tension was too tight! The joys of a new machine and a novice machinist!  At least now my machine is all ready for my next machine quilting lesson – free motion. Very scary from my point of view but I’ll let you know how it goes.

The right thread

While I have been basting my latest project I’ve been wondering where I could get some YLI silk thread to use for the appliqué. Anyway not only did I learn something from my trip to Sewrite but while I was there I spied just the right shade of YLI silk thread that I needed. So that was a plus! Now, back to some more hand sewing…

YLI silk thread

YLI silk thread

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