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Camera bag

I had quite productive day yesterday and went to a sit and sew where I managed to complete a hand sewn and quilted camera bag for my new camera. They say the best camera is the one you have with you and I wanted to keep mine in my handbag but I didn’t want the screen to get scratched. I also didn’t want one of those heavy black, waterproof type camera bags so I made my own. It’s light, slightly padded and cute. (well I think so :))

Quilted camera bag

Quilted camera bag

A new project

I also started drawing out the pattern for my next Pathways to the Divine Centre quilt. More revers appliqué I think, though I’m finding appliqué  is one of my favourite activities. This one will be quite challenging and I’m not even sure it’s do-able yet  but time will time. Here’s a part of the design so you can see what I mean about not being sure it’s possible.

New project

New project

New give away

I plan to start the Hawthorne Threads give away tomorrow. So I hope you’ll come back and check it out then.

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