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Borders on quilts

Do you like borders on quilts? I’m not sure I do. I think there are times when they are vital and  are needed to tie the whole design together – like in a Baltimore Album type of quilt or even my Andalusian Tile quilt – still a work in progress! But I think there are other times when a really great quilt becomes “just another quilt” by the addition of a border. Sometimes it just looks like the border was added because the maker got bored with it and added to a border to make it the right size to fit the bed. What do you think?

Could it be a fashion?

Maybe it’s a fashion thing. I notice most “modern quilts” don’t have borders. By the way don’t take this as a criticism if you really like borders, I’m just musing aloud because I’ve done both myself – even the getting bored with it and adding a border just to get it finished – but I just was interested to see what others think.

An example

My first quilt was a hand-pieced and hand-quilted sampler quilt. I was happy with the blocks, even liked it when I put the sashing on but I hated it when the border went on. I even reduced the size of the border but I still dislike it. Take a look. I don’t think this border does anything at all for this quilt. I’ve fiddled with the photo too just so you can get a bit of an idea of what it would be like without the border.

With border

With border

Without border

Without border

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