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Front of pattern with Jinny's autograph

Front of pattern with Jinny's autograph

How best to transfer a large design?
I’m planning a quilt – either one large one or five smaller connected ones – called Pathways to the Divine Centre. I have a design I want to transfer onto fabric but it is a very large design. It’s too big (if I do the one large quilt) to tape up on a window and transfer and even for the smaller one it is going to be a challenge.  Any ideas?

The Process Pledge

The possibilities as I see them…

  1. Draw the design onto paper then mark into squares and then immobilise the fabric (perhaps starch it too) and mark it up into squares and copy the design.
  2. Borrow a projector, attach the fabric to the wall and draw over the projected image.
  3. Break the design up into portions, fold the fabric so that only the portion currently being transferred is flat and tape it to the window with HEAVY DUTY DUCT TAPE and transfer the design. Then do the next portion etc. (Sounds very laborious)
  4. Draw the design life-size then place it over the fabric and transfer by poking holes through and making dots, then join the dots later.

Do you have any ideas? Have you transferred a large design onto fabric before?

I’d love to hear your ideas. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks 🙂

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