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Since I couldn’t find the Perle 8 cotton thread I was looking for I ordered some of the Sulky Blendables I had seen on Silly Boo Dilly’s site from Catherine’s Place. They arrived today and I’m really happy with the colours.

Sulky Blendables

Sulky Blendables

On Saturday I sandwiched the Autumn quadrant of my Kaffe For all Seasons quilt and today I machine quilted it so now I’m free to sandwich the small quilt that I bought these lovely threads for. I’m really looking forward to using them.

A new Perle 8 on the block

I don’t know if you’ve used any Presencia cottons but I have and I really, really like them. In fact I think they’re my favourite thread even above Aurifil and Tre Stelle which are also lovely threads. Anyway today I heard from Catherine of the aforementioned Catherine’s Place that Presencia also make a Perle 8. I went to the Australian Presencia website to see and they look beautiful! 119 solid dyed colours and 33 variegated colours! I can’t wait to see them in the flesh. Apparently they come in sample packs so that might be the way to go.