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The Wonky Canasta Quilt

The Wonky Canasta Quilt

Well here it is. My version of Oh Fransson’s Wonky Canasta Quilt. You can see hers here or buy the pattern here. I had a love/hate relationship with this quilt. I really enjoyed the piecing. I don’t normally machine piece but I did with this one and I really had fun. Then I decided to throw caution to the winds and machine quilt it. And… that’s not all. I decided in a moment of aberration to try spray basting which I also hadn’t done before. Big mistake!

Spray basting may be quicker but I didn’t find it “safer”. And machine quilting. Oh my goodness it was like wrestling with an Anaconda! I did a few diagonals and then got sick of it and put the binding on. Then after a few days when the dust had settled and I had calmed down I machined diagonals the opposite way. Then of course I had to sew in all the ends. Ah well…

Anyway this photo was taken before the second lot of quilting. I really need some machine quilting lessons.