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I’ve put a list of the blogs I visit regularly on the blogroll in the right column but I thought I’d just review a few of them here. These quilters all make modern quilts that look so elegant and fresh.

Ashley from Film in the Fridge is a prolific blogger who is very generous with her expertise. She mostly makes lap/cot size quilts and it’s really lovely to see someone making non-traditional baby quilts. She has a great tutorial on making pillowcases too.

Alyssa from Handmade by Alyssa has a great neutrals quilt which looks really masculine and would make a great “den quilt”.

Nettie from A Quilt is Nice shows just how wonderful simple patchwork can be. Her quilts really sing.

Victoria at The Silly Boo Dilly is inspired by “old utilitarian quilts, antique patched and mended textiles” and has done some really beautiful quilts, pin cushions and table runners in this style. Take a look!

Elizabeth Hartman’s blog Oh Fransson! is one of my favourites and in fact the quilt shown on my blog banner is a Wonky Canasta Quilt made from her Canasta series pattern.

Last but not least – Janet, another Aussie, from Quiltsalott does some stunning work. I particularly like the quilt on her banner.

Another great resource

In addition to blogs as a source of inspiration I’ve found this great site that has antique geometric patchwork block patterns. Take a look!